How to be happy

In order to GHE (Get Happiness Established) the decision to be happy is important but not sufficient. The decision is just the commitment but not the way from where you are to the desired goal.

First a very important rule: You will never be happy as long as you cannot be happy NOW. As long as you make your status of being happy dependent from anything in the future you are caught in the vicious cycle of wanting more and more. Apart from that you ride for a fall - life can easily throw a monkey wrench in your plans.

Second, an important note: On the way to perfect implementation of happiness there is a long time, a long way between - maybe your whole life. You should be glad of every small improvement.

So, here are my tips:
  • Return to the present moment - more detailed help on returning to the present moment here:
  • Slow down
    Urging at full speed through your life prevents you from enjoying any single moment of your life and reduces quality of whatever you are doing or trying to create. See also slowdownnow.org.
  • Imagine, that everything that happens just flows through you instead of "affecting" you.
  • Imagine, that no suffering that you face can take control of you without your approval.
  • Imagine, that nothing that happens can destroy you. Whatever happens, you will adapt.
    I remember an earlier post at this point, "What to learn from the Borg".
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