Slowing down

It was for many years that I got into full-speed action immediately when I saw the need to take action or when somebody needed help or when somebody had a great idea and I wanted to support it.

When the first signs from health and frustrations about stress came up, I noticed that somehow there must be an end of this madness. There was the feeling deep inside that I should slow down. I changed some style of work, for instance:
  • Better planning (Schedule everything to be done).
  • Be well prepared instead of working on current pressure.
  • Don't act immediately on a new issue or idea - instead take time to analyze, research and find an optimum solution.
  • More efficient multitasking.
  • ...
Well, it worked in the way that I managed to get more things done. I managed to get more free time. And I managed to fill it up again. So I got more done but nothing won. And I knew that I should slow down and I did again several attempts to find a resolution.

As I wrote in my previous post "How to instantly change a habit", sometimes all you need is the one kick-a** reason to change. And I found even multiple such reasons now to slow down.

You can work wonders and cause miracles by speeding up to 200%, running full optimizations to your own mental and physical machine, but (please relax and read slowly):
  • You will be exhausted after a shorter or longer while working on full throttle - and then you are done: Health problems (back, heart, ...), frustration, mistakes and so on trigger a vicious circle. You will not be able any more to feel inner happiness.

  • At the end nobody will show compassion with you having done so much, instead everybody says that if you are on stress, it is your own fault (and somehow this is true)!

  • It will be impossible for you to get important deep and detailed impressions of the present moment. It causes misinterpretation and wrong judgment of the current situation!

  • It is much more important to take the right action than doing anything quickly. Taking action to fast, you can screw up things completely. So take yourself enough time to evaluate a situation and decide!

  • Stress shortens your life! So you do not win anything being on speed.
I wish you happy - and slow - browsing on www.slowdownnow.org.

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