The family

I know that not all people have a good relationship with their parents and other family members. I think, I am quite lucky having a very good family - not only from my own roots. Even the relatives of my wife got an important part of my family.

But even in less luckier situations I think that there is always a "strong" relationship between family members - where I would not consider using "intensive" as a synonyme for "strong" here for example.

When everything is crumbeling down, when everybody is abandoning you - I think, the family members are the ones who leave you alone with your problems last.

Treat well your family members and have time for them - they are worth the investment! Even if they sometimes can step on your nerves...

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Recharging the batteries

Yesterday we have been 8 hours without electrical power at home. I took that chance to enjoy the evening with candles, open fire and without computer.

My experience was, that the environment and the atmosphere contributes a lot to feeling well. And it was very quiet, a situation I experience seldom. It was sooo relaxing.

And of course the situation revealed a big dependency on electrical power. Even while brushing my teeth I noticed that is a battery driven one - that after some time needs to be recharged.

Maybe now, I understand, what people mean, when they decide to plug off sometimes - to recharge the batteries...