There is suffering

The problem: Life is full of suffering
There is suffering you cannot prevent from. Illness is suffering, old age is suffering, death is suffering.

The reason: Desire (greed respectively), attachment and missing knowledge are the major reasons for suffering!

The solution: Let it go, let it flow, be open!To finish your suffering ask yourself what you desire and what you are attaching to. Getting rid of your greed and your attachment to everything means getting rid of your suffering. Steps to get rid of your greed and attachment:
  1. When you feel suffering get aware of your feeling and of your desire and attachment in it,
  2. name your feeling, your desire and attachment to get a more concrete picture of your actual status, situation and the manifestation of greed and attachment,
  3. accept it but not stick to it and
  4. put it aside gently.
Emotions are not strictly part of yourself - of your spirit. They are just like sun and rain - they come and go.

Things are not good or bad in general - things are just as they seem to you right now - to you personally just at the moment. There is not general good or bad only just for each of us healthy and unhealthy at the moment. Things are full of possible attributes showing only some aspects to you or others at the moment. You are free to interpret things in a way you like.

A word to emptiness: Some people are afraid of threatening emptiness. Every creative thought comes out of emptiness. Only if you are free of restricting thoughts you are able to unfold healthy power. Only when you eliminate disturbing thoughts you can get a clean picture of the present and act accordingly. Eliminating disturbing thoughts does not bring emptiness it opens the door for what is now.

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