Get focused with 3 Questions

In the last days I was angry in the end of the working day because I wasn't able to use the available time efficiently and somehow I felt continuously out of balance and focus.

This morning while walking to the train station by accident three questions came up and suddenly I felt better.

The questions that I do now ask myself while doing something or when about to do something:
  1. What for?
    What is the purpose of my doing? What is the desired outcome? Why do I want or why should I do this?
  2. What's dropped?
    What's cost of the action? What else do I miss in favor of this action?
  3. Who cares?
    Who are the people being affected by my decision? Who are the people interested in my work and doing? Who can gain something from my action or from the desired outcome?
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1 comment:

Andrea said...

I got here by accident. What you have to say is very organized and fascinating as I am more of a gut feeling type of gal. Its worked for me for years, however, there may be areas that I can learn more restraint in and I think your blog has great potential for doing this. God bless you, sir. Have a wonderful day! Your effort is much appreciated. Andrea Michelle