Who cares?

There is a famous (although stupid text) song from the muppet show called Mahna Mahna. The text is only "Mahna mahna, düdüü-düdüdü". But why I am telling this is because of the final comments of the two old guys in the box after the song finished:
Old 1: The question is: What is a "Mahna Mahna"?
Old 2: The question is: Who cares?
And this is a very good advice for people who want to improve their productivity! It could be a ZEN koan, if it wouldn't be so easy to understand. ;-)

In the information age there is not only "good" and healthy information that brings us further. No, there is also a lot of spam (by the way there is also a funny video here). There is not only spam e-mail, there is also other types of spam information that just reduces our productivity. This goes so far that they print stupid quotes (intended to be funny) on the toilet papers (at least here in austria). At the toilet I could have really undisturbed time without distractions so I could be productive (physically ;-) ) and mentally. But no, those stupid quotes ruin it... - and from now on I will change the vendor realizing this productivity reducing effect now.

One method to separate spam information from real and helpful information is the very good question "Who cares?" Asking it, will immediately block a lot of information surfing through your mind.

There is a lot of news and a lot of carnival barkers soliciting a lot products and services fading immediately after thinking of who cares.

The question is: Who cares? - And the answer could be:
  • Everybody cares.
  • My family cares (wife, children, parents or other relatives).
  • My friends care.
  • My customers care.
  • My boss cares.
  • My colleagues care.
  • Somebody else cares.
  • Nobody cares.
And then the all-dominant question: Do I care?

If you look at the list above then you could find also that the list order is possibly a good order of priority.

Depending on who cares, the information, thing or either task needs different attention and handling. Priorities are set according to who cares.

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