Dynamic activity

You can't drive your body and your mind continuously at full speed in the long term. Full speed is not always really movement (whether physically in motion or just thoughts are occupying you). Being continuously in the common alert state or having to fully concentrate on a particular thing is ruining you in the long term.

A few days ago when taking a hot shower I remembered the animal kings - the lions. I often wondered in the past why in particular the lions are called the king of animals and not for instance the elefants or mosquitos.

Inspired by the lions I think in the daily life there must be a continuous dynamic change between state like the following:
  • Return to the present moment
    As mentioned earlier in "In the present moment" or "There is suffering".
  • Relax
    Just forget every To-Do's, every problem, concentrate on your body, feel your body - let your body and your mind rest.
  • Re-align
    Review the situation, remember your goals, reorder your priorities to fit in with your life plan or just the direction you want to go. Set your next actions.
  • Ramble
    Animals check their claim, you can check your to-do-lists and do some of your routine actions. Then you can check your working fields, the roles you are playing and get some organization into it and work on your long term projects.
  • Speedup
    There might be a goal in sight or some problem that may want some extra action to get accomplished. This is your power-hour to get something extraordinary done.
  • Strike
    The right aimed action in the right moment can bring you a big success.
  • Stock
    Fill your experience pool. Refill your tanks - pull energy from your success and get fed.
  • Stretch
    Prepare for regeneration. Stretch your body and stretch your mind by giving it free time to flow.
These steps can either be remembered easily by remembering 4R4S. And maybe the lions follow those rules and therefore are called animal kings. ;-) - However the lions inspired me to get to these steps.

I believe that it is very important to have such a dynamic change of activity - sticking to any particular phase for too long will become unhealthy.

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