The power of intention

Some weeks ago I heard (already the second time) of Masaru Emoto and his water experiments. He freezes water after exposing to different type of music, different words etc and then takes pictures of the crystals that are built out by the freezing water. I have seen several pictures of frozen water crystals and I was stunned.

Searching the internet I found also several criticism about the work of Masaru Emoto. See Wikipedia or the statements of Kristopher Setchfield for instance.

I am not sure what to think about this controversal opinions. One thing I can say is: If there might be the possibility that the intentions, wishes and words that you put anywhere in this world do manifest in water or life forms then it makes sense to put positivity in this world.

I do focus on intuition during the last weeks and while in meditation state you can get also a better feeling of the intention - your own intentions and the intention of others.

My results so far are:
  • If you are open minded you can distinguish between people who are interested in doing positive things for others and those who think only about themselves.
  • People with positive intentions are liked more and one feels better being together with positive people.
  • People with positive intentions do emit peace and love and this gets multiplied.
For the empathetic person you can't hide your intentions. So watch your intentions and pay attention to your major orientation and goals.

May peace and love be your intention...

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