What to learn from the Borg

The Borg is a species from Star Trek. While this race is quite destructive there are some things that can be learned from them:
  1. They assimilate new technologies and knowledge to improve themselves.
    They assume that foreign species have something that they could benefit of. What it can mean for you: See others as interesting species. You can learn from them. Add the learned strategies and knowledge to your own portfolio increasing your possibilities and choices.
  2. They have a plan but they can adapt quickly to new situations anyway.
    When something happens that causes a significant change of the situation they quickly re-evaluate the situation, choose new goals as well as new strategies. What it can mean for you: Don't stick to goals when the situation and environment changed in a way that make your initial goals obsolete or inadequate. Don't continue to act in manners that do not work (any more).
  3. They do perfectly share their knowledge.
    Whenever one of them is getting new information or experience it is transferred to the collective. What one knows is knowledge of all. What it can mean for you: Get aware of the advantage of sharing your knowledge and exchanging information and experience with others. Everybody can benefit from the interaction improving the overall outcome of the (business) processes.
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