Man in the middle or honor the people

The problem: People being greedy to feed their ego.
You might know very well that being greedy to feed your ego is cause of suffering and hence you hold it down to keep it in it's fences. But there is also a lot of suffering produced by other people being greedy to feed their ego.

Sample: It can be seen often that in groups there are some people that always trying to be the most attractive point. Such people by tendency do also not allow other opinions than their own (this is some sort of "man-in-the-middle-attack" ;-) ).

When we see such people we get often annoyed of them or we are just tired of dealing with them.

The reason: Missing respect and credit.
We often find such people aggressive in some way, but it is "simply" their desperate effort of getting some respect and credit. Actually in our intuition we do avoid them or we fight them but the last thing we would give them is a little respect and credit although that is what they really want.

The solution: Do something for other people's ego.
Why not doing something good for those people? Even if you are very good in holding down your ego, you also need confirmation, respect and you need to be honored. And even if you can live completely without any validation response from other people that you are on the right path in your personal development and do the right things right, it gives you power!

That does not mean that you should sit down, being proud of your glory and stop working! You should use the glory as a fuel to go ahead!

Do give other also some fuel and so the power to do more healthy things than being greedy to feed their ego!

And while you are honoring others you are doing a good exercise in taking your own ego back. Which also is good because of several reasons, for instance:
  • You do usually know very few about a thing so staying in the back to watch a while is not the worst idea.
  • When you are in the front line you are watched by all and every little mistake is noticed and goes to your account.
  • You can develop more empathy when you are in the back watching.
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