Show respect to the team

When you meet a person then get aware of all the effort that was/is necessary to get and keep this person "up and running". There were/are a lot of people contributing to the health of a person while growing up:
  • Parents (especially the mother)
  • Grandparents (often being continuously a very great helping hand)
  • Aunts, Uncles and other relatives
  • Close friends (often they behave as close relatives)
  • Other people doing public services (e.g. doctors)
Samples of work done:
  • Changing diaper
  • Preparing to eat
  • Paying food, clothes and all the other necessary equipment (which often makes it necessary for parents and relatives to forgo about things for their comfort)
  • Paying assurances
  • Education
  • Surgeries
  • ...
When you are aware of all that effort needed, you may also get aware that everything positive you are doing to this person will also make other people happy - those people giving their best to support this person ensuring a healthy and happy life.

Take into consideration that all those people did their best but nobody is perfect. That team of parents, relatives, friends and others did the best from their knowledge to avoid negative impacts and gave their best possible on the person you are meeting. No matter what size the team was/is and who were/are the members - they might have created some "unwanted side effects" also (neurosis and so on). Where work is done there are also mistakes happening.

And the person you are meeting might also be making a lot of effort currently to take care of other persons himself (children, parents that are bedridden).

Say thanks to the team that is supporting you, say thanks to those who are supporting those you love and do your best to continue the supporting work of others wherever possible.

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