An eye for an eye

Marco posted a video with war pictures on his blog. At the end there is fading in a quote from Mahatma Ghandi:
An eye for an eye will make us all blind.
I recall now the audio book I am currently listening when driving by car where the Dalai Lama puts emphasis on the importance to see every creature as an individual very similar to ourselves with the same desire to be happy and avoid suffering.

He states that sometimes it is necessary to use forces to avoid bigger suffering but it is very important to use the forces only against violent actions and never against the creature in general.

Creatures may be disoriented and several occurrences may have caused unhealthy actions. But everyone has the potential to change and we should try to contribute so that positive intentions can grow.

Hate and anger usually aims at a person and not at an unwanted action. The harm and injury we cause on the person will produce desire of revenge and again hate as well as anger. We should stop with hate and anger and clear our spirit. And we should look at and judge actions and not whole persons.

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