Hands free

A common mistake I often did is the following:

While trying to do a lot of things I often had a lot of things in hands while leaving the apartment, porting things upstairs from the car and so on. Often I did not want to go a second time the way from the car to the apartment and therefore I tried to pack everything on me. This often lead to the problem that things fall down while trying to open doors for example and either sometimes I have to pay attention not to throw the keys together with the waste into the container.

Another big disadvantage is that it gets heavy to carry all the things and you get cramped. So bad thing for your backbone.

Since a few days I definitely try to put everything away - for example:
  • I pack everything into bags and not carry every piece freely. So I have one or a few bags to carry instead of a tower of single pieces.
  • I put the keys in my jacket to have the hands free for the bags to carry.
  • I do not try to carry too many things at once because I move a lot slower and it takes a lot longer to open doors (especially when locked) so the time gained going only once is lost during the difficulties because you have no hand free to open doors or because you have to move slower.
Another sample I practiced already before it got a law in our country: Use a headset on the mobile phone while driving. I still see - although it is forbidden now - a lot of people holding the mobile phone in one hand while driving. It is a lot more comfortable using the headset that I would never miss it again.

So get your hands free!

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