Ethic economy

Yesterday I watched the video "Constructive Capitalism" - a presentation held by Umair Haque.

In this presentation he talks about old business rules that do not work any more nowadays - in this time of crisis. Instead he suggests to apply new rules and he named a few examples of companies and people who already switched there general strategies.

The video is quite long and the slides are unfortunately not very readable and there is also no option to rewind the video, so I tried to extract the new rules - the new focus - of economy he suggests:
  • Renew things instead of exploiting
  • Democracy instead of command
    (voting, discussions - explain, understand and reach consensus)
  • People, not product
    (no democracy without people)
  • War to peace
    (War is crisis of conflict, competition does not work
    because of the limitations of competition given by growth and monopoly,
    Obama won the elections because he did not provoke conflicts)
  • Connections, not transactions
  • Domination to equity
    (not try to dominate the market - create new markets)
  • Creativity, not productivity
  • Value to meaning
    (Crisis of nihilism - a lot of stuff that is done, is
    meaningless today - we often give value to numbers that are not very
  • Outcomes, not incomes
This reminds me to the song "Love Is The Seventh Wave". And it also reminds me to earlier posts about love and intentions...

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