Focus on strengths

In the last time I read often that one should focus on his strengths.
But when I look back at my life the I focused also a lot on my weaknesses.

I can see two tendencies which vary in the value:
  1. Specialization
  2. Broadening
While specializing I focused on my strengths and while broadening I focused on my weaknesses.

When you find out your strengths or develop them motivation is around you while doing that what you are interested in. But as much as you focus on very special parts of life you are missing to develop other things that are important for being a person of integrity. There are many aspects of life which have to be mastered to live in peace and without fears.

To give an example: For years I focused mostly on computers not developing social and communication skills. Only after experiencing more and more problems in my daily life I began to focus on these missing skills and tried to develop them.

Sometimes in life you feel good. You are willing and full of power to collect a big amount of knowledge and/or producing something great. On the other hand there are phases where things do not run so well and these are the times to learn some lesson from your mistakes or erase some weakness.

When we are down and maybe even depressive all the people around us try to tell us to look at the good and positive but in my opinion especially when we are down we should focus our power to erase the weaknesses and overcome the hurdles in our life! Because they are the reason why we are down and do not have success!

Seems paradox but looking back in my life I always did it that way. When I didn't achieve my goals I tried to find out the reasons for my failure and I found a lot. And guess what: Breaking the own barriers is one of the greatest success and produces motivation immediately!

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