Importance of collaboration

This morning listening to the news I heard that there is the first case of swine flu arrived in Austria. They told that the person is in hospital already getting better.

The swine flu teaches us about the importance of sharing information and collaboration around the world!

Nowadays due to global traffic illnesses can spread out easily getting pandemic. Without the traffic illnesses would spread slower and the radius in which sharing of information and cooperation is that important may be smaller, but anyway: If something of big relevance happens (and that is not necessarily to be an illness, it can be any experience and knowledge that is gained), the effect sooner or later shows up somewhere else in the world too. And it is not only the traveling humans, it is also wind, water or animals that is keeping things moving.

When talking about "something of big relevance" I am talking - besides of illnesses - of any health related effects (electric smog or other emissions, used ingredients in food, ...) and also of technical inventions that reduce our footprint or even political movements, philosophical views and all kind of things that can help improving the world but also can cause very negative impacts.

Although I do not agree with many actions that have been taken globally to fight the economic crisis there is one important thing that people have realized: There must be global solutions!

Collaboration is a word that is widely used as a buzzword - first of all in IT business, but we have to realize that collaboration means in detail the need of:
  • communication skills
  • intention and desire of making everybody happy
  • willingness to contribute to the community
  • viewing at the whole
  • being open minded
  • mastering of the tools to do collaboration
The fate and fortune of the whole world is related to the fate and fortune of the single individual!

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Manu Stanley said...

Aptly said. The current global recession can be looked upon as an opportunity for corporate cuts in travel budgets, but in the personal front, the lower fares fan in more personal travel. But technology has and will futhermore, reduce the need for frequent travel to far off destinations. Also its time for medical professionals around the world to put in a more collaborative effort as it is done in the IT industry.