Productivity and fun

Are you are productivity freak?

While in the process of optimizing performance and cutting down all unnecessary actions I found out that certain distractions and chats with colleagues - and also with the boss - are important to keep the fun and good climate although the particular topics do not seem to improve productivity.

Analyzing, I found an assumption I made: Knowing well what are useful actions to improve productivity and what not.

But in the real what is important for productivity in long term view is not always easy to know.

The factors that optimize the overall productivity might not be always that easy to measure.

So while optimizing productivity keep the following in mind:
There might be several elements at work or in your private life that do not seem to be a contribution or even seem to be useless distraction but when cutting them off in the long term you and your colleagues loose motivation and power.

It is important to do things "just for fun" because although the particular sense and benefit cannot be seen immediately it does not mean that there is no.

Fun affects motivation, climate, communication and creativity so it affects also productivity. But when you think only the productivity aspect you loose the fun. It's like not seeing the forest because getting distracted by looking at so many trees.

There must be space and time for fun - at work and at home - to keep the long term overall productivity.

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