LTO - Letting things open

The problem: You hurry to finish all uncompleted work to have your mind free but this never happens.
To get your mind free of all the things that need to be done usually the best choice is to finish as much as possible. When everything is done one can enjoy the spare time a lot better. Unfortunately we often do feel bad because our mind is full of tasks that need to be completed. GTD - Getting things done is our focus but as soon as our inbox is empty it gets refilled.

The reason: We learned that first the work and then the fun.
Be got taught that first the work must be finished until we can - or let's say - until we have the permission to focus on our hobbies and the other things we enjoy more. Therefore we try to get our work done. This may work for a child having only the homework to be done. As growing up the to-do lists get more and never empty.

The solution: LTO - Let things open - or - LTF - Let things flow
Accept that life is full of open issues. Focus on the important ones that definitely needs to be addressed. But more important: Get yourself some timeout - some time and location to relax - even if there is not everything solved. In your life there will always remain some open issues for the next day, for the next week, for the next month or at least for the next year. Accept it and remember: You may be happy even if there is not all done.

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