The most important things to know

My 11 month old son is sitting next to me on the floor playing with the door. I am thinking of what I would tell him when I am about to die. What is the most important that I would like to tell him?

Is it that I love him? - I think he knows it already. When I come home I play with him and I hug and cuddle him - and I am there when he needs me.

What is the very most important to know?

I think I would tell him the following:
Beware of the major reasons of suffering:
  • Greed
  • Attachment
  • Missing knowledge
  • Absence of compassion
  • Selfishness
In some book some years ago I read that greed and attachment are the reasons of suffering. I added the other three here above. Maybe you could reduce it to two major reasons. you could either explain attachment with greed. Attachment to something lost is the greed to keep something. - But I think that some suffering can be decoded easier by knowing some other styles that suffering could have. I was about to add "missing patience" also but it is a kind of greed and I don't want also to add too much to this list.

Important message should not be too long because then nobody can remind.

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