Change the environment

The problem: You try to concentrate and to focus but it's the others that don't let you.
One should first assume that not the environment or the other people around are guilty for the own incapacity of solving problems. But there is suffering in the world and there is unhealthy environment, that's fact.

I have seen a lot of people running away from their problems - escaping from a working place to escape responsibility or from annoyance. I know very well that all this does not solve problems. Problems must be really solved otherwise they are likely to appear wherever you go.

The reason: Knowing that an escape does not really solve a problem may cause the habit to be static in solving problems.
Whenever I recognize a problem I do want to solve it where it occurs and where I am. Changing location means escaping the problem, isn't it? - Not necessarily:
  • Would a doctor operate the patient on a rowing boat at rough sea?
  • Does it make sense to paint a house when it's raining?
  • Is it a good idea trying to get sleep on the highway?
  • Would a genius place a house on sand?
  • Would you find it useful searching mushrooms in the desert?
  • Does it improves quality when you work at a very noise place?
Location matters! There might be emergency situations in which you do not have another choice and for the training it might be good to try the extreme situation to improve skills. But if obstructive environments get common then quality of the outcome and the motivation will decrease.

It is good when you can work in noise environment because such a skill can help you when good concentration is needed but you find yourself in a noisy situation without the influence to change.

The solution: Change the location, change the environment!
As you will get candles for a romantic dinner, get the tools that you need to have an optimum environment where you can produce good work. And move on - change the location if it's not adequate for the work you want to get done. You are not nailed to the floor you can move on. If you can't adjust the environment (or if advising the other people around you does work respectively) then change it completely. A good environment will reduce your stress and improve the outcome and therefore rise motivation.

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