Unwanted creativity

The problem: Missunderstandings during communication.
Ever got upset because you missunderstood your colleague or client and hence solved an issue in a wrong way - or solved a completely different issue?

The reason: Few analysis and too much creativity.
When we hear or read things we automatically do add our own thoughts and those get mixed with the words of those talking to you. At the end there are a lot of things you got from the communication that were added by yourself. A big amount of these additional thought are assumptions about present situation and desires and goals of your communication partner.

The solution: Remember the facts.
Concentrate on the facts during the communcation. Your own emotions, interpretations and thoughts are basically "first impressions". Don't make them "first reactions" without reviewing the situation, the facts and evaluation of the best reaction. Especially when you have to write protocols or project documentations it is very important that you drop all unproved assumptions.

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