Where do you go

The problem: You leave home, office or other place for going to another and half the way you find out that you forgot an important thing.
Today it happened to us that we went to look for a new kitchen but we forgot the plan at home where all the measurements were written. So we had to turn back. The worst: We definitely had to hurry up and so we left the apartment very fast - but without the important thing.

The reason: Insufficient awareness of the place where we are and where we go and missing awareness of the intention we have.
Often we focus on the time running fast and so we try to be very fast. So the focus is on getting away fast. But the higher priority must be given to the task to think about the required things to carry with us and fetch them.

The solution: Improve your awareness to have present your locations and do planning
  • Before leaving a place tell yourself in a sentence where you are and get aware of yourself and the environment you are in.
  • Think about your destination and the intention what you want to do - what you do want to achieve.
  • Think of the things that might serve you at your destination and fetch them - before you think about to leave your current location!
  • Think of the way how you are going to get at your destination location. - Maybe there are some other things you might want to do while on the way (so you achieve more things at once).
  • Plan your day in advance and get prepared for the next day. Especially when you need to get prepared for a completely new situation it sometimes take a longer time and therefore it might be necessary to search and read on the internet already the day before - just to give an example.

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