Value of dreams and how to use them

Dreams are a good help for your personal development because they are the way to let your subconscious mind communicate with your consciousness. And your subconscious mind has a somehow "better overview". Dreams assist you in finding solutions for a wide range of problems.

Here are the important things when dealing with dreams:
  • You can influence the "issue" you want to dream a solution for by thinking about the particular problem before going to sleep, naming the problem and requesting for help from your subconscious mind.

    The actual dream might cover a related or more general problem - so be aware of that.

  • When you wake up, immediately try to remember and re-live your dream - and maybe write it down immediately. Because otherwise you will forget the dream very soon.

  • Most things you see in your dream are symbols.
    Remember that all the things are symbols according to your live experiences and recordings so don't use a classic book to interpret the things you've seen in your dream. Only, if you cannot get any idea, maybe such books can help a little, but usually the things are your personal symbols. People you see may stand for specific values, like friendship, egoism, passion and so on. Same applies for locations.

  • Think of your feelings you had in certain situations and name them.
    Feelings and emotions are very important and you should recall the feelings you had while dreaming.

  • Think of a possible message of the dream and get formed an appropriate sentence.
    The dream wants to show you a complete new view and/or wants to point you into a complete new direction.
Dreams can be a great help and boost your creativity - so appreciate their value!

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