The fear

The problem: People often fear a particular event or they are frightened in general and then while in panic mode they do unhealthy things.
Fear is a root problem for a lot of common occurring personal difficulties. People are driven a lot by fears with several drawbacks such as:
  • They act too fast and then make the situation even worse.
  • They do not feel free in their life.
  • They distrust everybody.
I always have seen fears as big barriers in life. When talking about this issue I sometimes got told that fears are good because otherwise you wouldn't pay the proper attention for example to not fall down when working on a scafffold in big height. I have thought a lot about it and I completely disagree with this statement of reason (and actually I cannot find other better reasons).

Fears narrow your senses. You focus on the only thing considered as important yet.

The reason: When fears grow up your senses are narrowed. This to point you to the most important thing now.
But you simple do miss a lot of information - including other potential solutions. Fears grow up when the situation is already escalating. This means that the fast solution weights more than the solution with the best quality.

The solution: Be open minded, get sensitive (not to mix up with sensible) to get aware of important situations in time.
Seeing a rising problem early takes away pressure and you still have more opportunities to address the issue, more time and less stress. You don't have to wait until the problem is urgent.

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