When to change style

Today morning I thought of a new blog post when I suddenly found me loosing a lot of time thinking on how it could fit my style in the form "The problem, The reason, The solution". Finally I either forgot about what was my initial idea to post because my focus drifted completely to the how instead of the what.

I came to the conclusion that it is not efficient to press everything in the same schema. Maybe it is possible but only with a lot more effort and less effect.

Although this is not my initial intention of post it either does not fit into the style of the previous posts. Why?
  • I didn't either feel to have a problem here before finding the solution but
  • I could identify a lot of different problems where the same solution applies: "Change your style" - And further
  • I do not really know what to write as the reason for my previously not existing problem - maybe my desire to have everything well organized or the human tendency of thinking in a well known schema - I don't know but I could imagine there are .
I can only say that there was a trigger that changed my thoughts completely: I felt uncomfortable because of the difficulty to get something done in the way I was used to.

So the message is simply: When you find yourself in trouble achieving something then think of changing your style.
Style can be your style of writing, your style of thinking or even your outfit. A football player does not wear his dress in really every circumstance. This does not mean that you do completely give up your personality if you adjust your style adequately!

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