Serious life starts immediately

When I was a child I got told that I should be happy that I have all those spare time for playing. When I will go to school the serious life will start.

Similar I got told when I was a school boy. I got told that when I go to work then serious life will start.

Effectively today I don't remember any period in my life where I did not have serious problems.

When I look at my baby son I cannot tell him to be happy because he has nothing to do other than eating and sleeping. He in fact already has some serious problems:
  1. Make the parents understand when his nappy is full. This is a serious communication problem - not only for him - for us also. I am sure the baby likes to sit in his excrements as much as you do.
  2. Accept really big dependencies. Without the parents help he is definitely not able to survive.
  3. Having long phases of hiccups because he didn't figure out so far how to stop it.
Just to mention a few...

The problem: When managing children they often don't get well understood.
The effects are that complete generations of people do not understand each other and have problems in communication.

The reason: When the years pass by we easily forget about how we felt in our childhood as we begin to see life very differently as the years are passing by.

The solution: Develop and exercise empathy and see that every creature suffers from serious problems.
Try to remember your own childhood (maybe by looking into old diaries) and look through their eyes before telling a homily. Take into consideration that they might grow up in a completely different environment making completely different experiences as you did plenty of years ago. You should grow together with your children.

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