Find the root problem

The problem: There are too many problems to solve.
Trying to improve your life you might get aware of many things that should be improved, many barriers to be removed. You might feel exhausted even before starting improvements.

The reason: You get lost in a lot of detail problems.
In your life you face concrete situations and concrete things happen. You add emotions and thoughts to your experiences and try to get everything solved. But in a lot of cases several situations and experiences discover to have same reason, the same program that runs. For example if you get defensive and aggressive because somebody pointed out a mistake you made or when you have stage fright before talking to a lot of people - both could have the same underlying problem: Your fear losing your face, you fear of leaving a bad mark at the others. Just to give an example.

The solution: Dig for the root problem.
First thing is to get aware of what the hell happened. Try to write down your experiences and impressions in a very few sentences. Then ask yourself "Is this really what happened or do I already start to invent things in addition to that what really happened?". Compare with past experiences and try to find similarities. Then the magic word is "Why?". Ask you questions like "Why do I behave this way?" or "Why do I think in that particular way in such situations?" and so on. Analyze yourself to find patterns. But remember to stop adequately because there is a point where digging more does not bring you further and does not bring further effect. If you can identify a lot of problems belonging to the same underlying problem then investigating more and digging for the root gives greater results.

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