Blessing of criticism

Today I read the 16 Tips to Survive Brutal Criticism (and Ask for More) at lifehack:

Honesty is a Good Thing, Here’s How to Survive It
Here are some tips for surviving the floods of good intentions that might crash upon your ego:
The problem: Our ego gets hurt when we get critics.

The reason: We see ourselves too much in competition with others and getting critics gives us a feeling of decreased value of ourself.

The solution: Criticism is the best what can happen to you.

It is a very good thing to get feedback. If it is constructive then it helps to improve you / your work / your view ... - if it is not constructive it improves your strength finding good arguments for your opinion and your solutions or it is an exercise how not to feed a troll. And last but not least it shows you that it is sometimes a good thing to hear what others think and sometimes it is time wasted. Most people simply change their habits and do not contribute to improve the situation. So criticism is a blessing because someone took the time to give feedback. Evaluate the value for you.

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