Finding the proper priorities

Lately, when my son was born, I remembered the words of my grandma she told me when I asked heir many years ago:
"What is the most important?"

She neither looked up from heir work (watering the flowers) nor paused to think. As it would be the simplest thing in the world she responded:
"The creatures".

The problem: We sometimes loose orientation.
It happens that we face a lot of possibilities for next actions or either we are overcharged that we don't see any single way to go. We simply feel a lack of signposts or guides how to proceed in our life.

The reason: We get a lot of impressions from the world , we produce so much emotion and we get distracted so much that covers the view to our goals.
The complexity of the world grows more and more and we feel an overflow from time to time. Technical progress of the human being has come to a point where you could study the existing knowledge for your whole life without finishing and without starting to do something productive. You could be a consumer for your whole life without starting to do something productive (assuming you have enough money ;-) ). And actually for being productive you have plenty of opportunities. In this situation we sometimes forget about the main goals and what is really important.

The solution: Get back to the roots of "human" being. Remember that life forms are a central part of this world.
To support the creatures - humans as well as animals or plants - in your environment to have a better life is good for those and good for you. Help your neighbour. Doing good to others is doing the best for you. If you make other people happy it does not mean that you get less happy. Happiness is not a resource that is distributed to the people - no - it doubles if you share it!
So when you loose orientation then something you can do is look around and do something good to the first creature you meet.
And here I remember that in Star Trek one of the major philosophies there is that the weal of many is more important than weal of less or the weal of a single person.

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