Crying children

The problem: Your baby cries
Unfortunately until your children can talk to you telling you their problem they only cry and you can only guess what is the problem.

The reason: The reason has to be guessed.

The solution: Try the easiest and logical things first.
Try to put yourself in the position of your baby. Some possible problems may be very near to check:
  • Is your baby hungry? - This is mostly the loudest and desparate cry of the baby.
  • Has the pacifier fallen out of it's mouth?
  • Is the nappy probably full (nobody wants to sit in a full nappy I guess)?
  • Does it want to be taken out of the bed to be near to the mother or father?
  • Does it want that you change it's position (from back to belly position for example)?
I do see parallelism to a lot of other problems in life where it might be useful to think of the most obvious probable reasons and maybe very easy solution...

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