Switch to authentic mode

The problem: Ever felt insecure when you get together with other people?
Whenever you enter a shop or you go to the gym there are people around you and you might feel insecure if you should ask something or talk to those people around you. But also it might be an associate or your boss: When you are talking to them you might feel very insecure how to say what and when would be the best moment for telling them.

The reason: There are a lot of goals and fears that accompany your intentions to communicate.
There are fears like being fired, fears to get an answer that offend you or the fear that others feel offended on your comments. You might have set you the goal to be the nicest person on earth and you fear that you are not meeting the high expectations - there are plenty of such inhibitors.

The solution: Be authentic - show your true personality!
Accept that you are an individual that can not satisfy everyone around you. Be honest and sincere. It is important that you respect to yourself. Accept your feelings and fears, manage them and put them aside gently. Handling fears properly is not in contradiction with being authentic. In the next step you can respect others. The only important required precondition is that your main intention is a respectfully coexistence with the world around you. It happens that even with the noblest attitude others might feel offended. It is their job to be honest and sincere to tell you. Then you can think about and discuss to get (new) convictions leading to a change towards a more adequate and more integrated personality.

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