How to eat less

Additional kilos are often collected especially (but not only) with the evening meals. In many cases getting additional kilos is done by simply eating too much.

I discovered a way to eat less (maybe I could have read it already somewhere ;-) ): Get a very comfortable and stress free environment when taking meals. You will eat less, when you are relaxed!

For example:
  • Eat outside on the balcony or in your garden.
  • Put flowers around and turn on candles.
  • Avoid TV or other "activities" while taking your meal.
  • Meditate on your eating.
  • Drink water in between then the next bite will be fresh flavour.
It is very important to eat slowly! - It is another time I cannot resist linking to www.slowdownnow.org. :)

Remember that in a lot of cases eating is a substitute action to get satisfied! Try to be satisfied in your life in general and you will eat less.

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