Scoundrel days

I am not sure if it is because of the economic crisis but I see more and more people concentrating on their own benefit and on there own profit. And this although current knowledge status is that we should try to find win-win solutions and the only long-term way into a better future is to collaborate and pull together on the same strings.

We should know that we are all connected, dependent from each other and in whatever way we contribute to the world it will have effect on the others and come back to us.

Despite these facts a lot of people get more self-concentrated and try to rip others off and exploit existing resources (preferable the resources of others).

Not having a solution for this in general the only tip I can give you is: Take these times as opportunity to find out who really is friend with you? Who are those who love you?

See...as our lives are in the making
We believe through their lies and the hating
That love goes free through
scoundrel days. (A-HA, Scoundrel Days)

Appreciate those who are really your friends and maybe spend some more time with them instead of allowing others to exploit your resources.

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