You can't urge the river flowing

The problem: Desire to solve issues immediately.
I know it very well from all around that by accident issues rise and people want to get them solved immediately. Some people are either negating existence of problems. People (me included) get inpatient with the first small obstacle - not talking about solid brick walls that may turn out to be real show stoppers.

The reason: Unrealistic view of the world and unclear situation about personal goals.
Why is it possible that a suddenly upcoming event can have the power to change priorities completely or either cause people close their eyes frightened by what they have seen? - A critical view makes it clear, that there are only a few events having a big impact to the current situation changing priorities immediately - for example car incidents, if something catches fire, getting knowledge of a severe illness and so on. In such shock situations it is either understandable creating a temporary mental barrier.

But there are - in relation to the above - really unimportant events that make us change priorities immediately or - worse - cause us taking big decisions. Such an event is for example when a customer is agitating because of a delay in product delivery. In most cases it does not make a difference if a package arrives one day earlier or later. In most cases when people are having urgent issues the reason is that they did not plan well.

An example: Let's say 1 worker needs 100 days to build a house. You might tend to calculate that 100 workers can build a house in 1 day. But this is simply not true.

Unrealistic view of the world is given by not understanding how involved things work, too high expectations and simply impatience.

The solution: Have goals and accept that nothing can be done in less time that it takes.
Keep cool! - Before taking action immediately, take you a moment of time thinking about the real impact of the latest event to your big long term goals.

If you have some long term goals in mind then you will not loose concept immediately on every incoming news article. And as long term goals are not in reach within a week or two you need to advance step by step.

Trying to solve all problems in an instant (and either the desire) is like trying to urge the river flowing.

If there is action needed plan the necessary steps scheduling sufficient time!

You can't urge the river flowing!

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