To be important

The problem: Being called an idiot or to call other people an idiot.
When somebody is doing something stupid people tend to call the complete person for an idiot. And this although a human being is such a complex being with so many possibilities. A person can give so many good contributions to the world and neighbours.

The reason: Poor self-esteem and fears
It sounds crazy but it is confirmation of self-esteem if others can be seen as stupid. In the relation if others are stupid, do not well perform and do know less than you then you are the hero and you will survive if it comes to confrontation. It is the fear that only a few will survive and life is seen as a daily fight for survive.

The solution: Honesty and compassion
Be honest: Only because you are calling somebody an idiot, the others will not be complete idiots. It is more likely that they will do a lot not to be seen as an idiot. All humans want to be respected and to be loved.

The lone warrior might win in the videos but in the real life you are dependent from the others. Teams and groups can survive a war but not a lonely fighter like Rambo - that is cinema.

If you look at yourself with the critical eye, you will see that you are not perfect - as the others are too. Being tough on somebody else needs also being tough on yourself.

Be tolerant to others and to yourself as nobody can always do everything right.

Develop compassion to see that others are also giving their best to be loved and to survive. Help others and generate win-win situations.

There is nowhere written that you cannot survive both - you and your fellow human being!

And what I heard in a song text: It's nice to be important - it's more important to be nice!

And if you are still concentrated on yourself then remember that if you listen and learn from the others what they can do better than you will bring you further.

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