Productivity spiral

Although I was working on self development already for many years I was not aware of all the particular buzzwords of this realm. Only after a coaching about two years ago I started reading several personal development blogs and jumped on the bandwagon of life hacking and productivity optimization in a declared manner and in a more comprehensive way.

Now looking back all those improvements I can say, that I got the time for a child and family (before we both, my wife and I, we worked and worked, even on weekends and there was only few room for socialization and spare time). As a child and family occupies a lot of time I could be proud of all the time that I "won" by optimizing productivity.

About 16 months ago I was in a situation where our child still wasn't born but I could see first big results in optimization and gaining free time slots - and I used them for personal development increasing productivity.

Situation now is that I my time is getting again fully occupied with family needs and with work. What happens? I am improving productivity not to have (more) time to relax - no, I am improving to pack more and more into my life.

But: Real satisfaction is only evolving if you slow down and definitely stop. So you can not increase your happiness by improving productivity to get more and more done! Be aware of the productivity spiral and don't get addicted to productivity improvement.

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