Too much

You can continuously improve productivity to gain free time slices. But the free time usually quickly gets filled up again. Or as it was in my case: You improve productivity to somehow get everything done that is your duty or "has become your duty" (due to rationalizations or external events) and has created very long to-do lists that always grow bigger and bigger instead of getting cleared out.

Well, it must be stated: Too much is too much!

If you are facing continuously more and more work, more and more tasks to be done then the simple crude but unattractive answer is: You are doing too much!

And here we are at the very difficult situation that you have to decide what to drop.

Before deciding keep in mind that a lot of general commitments for jobs, tasks or projects come along with a lot of tiny (administration) tasks that one usually doesn't get aware so easily. Samples:
  • Just one or more short phone calls.
  • Archiving of paper (or files) that gets produced along with the tasks.
  • Reading of mails, documentation (or blog posts ;-) ).

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