What is reality?

One of the most important things towards a balanced life is to get a realistic view of the world.

Sure, the effect of experiences has a lot to do with how you take it and from your interpretations - but anyway life manifests every day and there are things that exist however you name it.

Today the sun is shining and we went out for a walk. No matter if you like sun or not or whether you like sun in winter and hate it in summer and not matter if "sun" should be named different - if the sun is shining it's shining that's a fact.

There are philosophies or science fiction films that suggest the consideration that everything could also be an illusion only.

But what is the difference between reality and illusion? How to unveil an illusion?

While growing up you get ideas of the world - on how or what reality is. As long as it is only an unproven idea without feedback of the world/nature it is only an idea and not reality.

How to prove:
  • See it with your eyes
  • Hear it with your ears
  • Smell it with your tongue
  • Sniff it with your nose
  • Sense it with your body
  • Feel it in your heart
  • Research it with scientific tools

How to detect illusions:
  • If you suffer there might be an illusion the reason for your suffering.
  • If you find yourself in behaving automatically in some manner and you suffer by the effects you get then it is time to analyze the situation and get a new view.
  • If you experience different effects in same environments behaving the same way then there might be a hidden illusion.
  • If other subjects suffer less than you then you should start to improve by unveiling illusions.
  • Communicate with others.

How to unveil illusions:
  • Criticize your current view.
  • Search for reasons.
  • Analyze your motivation.
  • Search for new aspects.
  • Analyze the situation.
  • Set in relation the situation with the rest of the world.
  • Act and experience the results.
What all the points above have in common is the opportunity of asking a lot of "Why?"-Questions. Try to find and answer a lot of such questions.

Your whole life can be seen as a journey to truth and reality and don't expect to arrive before you die. But never getting in action and proving the results will not push you towards truth and reality.

Having ideas about rules of nature and the world is an important step to bring you towards truth and reality. While ideas about rules may not be the last step to wisdom it is a useful first step.

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