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The post 5 Healthy Reasons to Stop Looking for Magic Pills at the Positivityblog gave me a feeling of relief. Although I know that life is life long learning somewhere hidden in the background there is often the search for the "magic pill" - the piece of information or piece of software that solves all my problems at once.

Accepting the truth that there does not exist in general a quick and easy solution solving a big amount of problems at once brings the advantage that you stop wasting time searching for such a wonder.

I often find people trying to solve problems with a piece of software that is definitely not intended to solve such kind of problems. As vendors often write on their websites that nearly every problem can be solved with their piece of software (in some cases you only have to write a damn plugin ;-) ) a lot of people believe it. Or maybe they use that software because that piece of software is the one they know best.... - They often loose a lot of time trying to apply a lot of dirty hacks.

Speaking of software, as a software developer I was used to the idea that solving a problem once (writing a program) solves it forever. Yes, this is (partly) true for software development (with the change of programming languages and underlying operating systems re-solving the same problem can be necessary, so "forever" is mostly not really forever) and it can be (partly) true for a lot of other technical problems. But this is technical realm.

When we are working on ourselves trying to improve and get better you cannot just apply a fix and then all your problems or "instabilities" are solved. Not even for one particular problem it mostly is not that easy.

The sad truth is: You have to exercise - practice on and on to "implement" the changes. This is hard work and takes time.

What helps reducing the time to "implement fixes":
  • Analyze the problem and find the "real" (root) problem.
    Sometimes a set of actual problems we face is just a lot of effect of an error made earlier.
  • Discover the reason.
    Find the cause for the harmful event and the motivation behind your actions that caused suffering.
  • Change the philosophy.
    Re-think your particular or general philosophy, beliefs and convictions accordingly so better experiences and results can be expected.
But then still there remains hard work!

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AvaniMehta said...

I believe "hard work" is the problem. The reason why we keep searching for the magic pill is that we want to have everything fast without putting in the hard work or the effort required. Ofcourse this doesn't work. But we keep trying anyways :)