Lessons from a baby

I am back from vacation. In former times I slept and read more on vacation. This time I invested the time with our baby. I want to share some things I can learn from my 9 months old son:
  • He is feeling well no matter where he is as long as the loved ones are around.
    We often refuse being happy because the hotel room is too small or when we find the beach dirty - things that do not really count in life.

  • Have a smile for every new person you meet.
    Although he does not talk and does not have cool things like a fast car, an iPod or other cool things, he found a lot of friends. Meeting a new person the first thing he did, was looking in the eyes and smiling and so he managed it.

  • Invest time in looking at a new situation or thing before immediately taking action.
    In a lot of cases I could see that he is looking around a long time when confronted with something new. This is a good habit in my opinion which can save you some harm.

  • Everything new is a reason for happiness.
    When you get notice of something new it is at first a reason to be happy. Everything new has the potential of being useful. At least - if it is not - you can say that this also has been tried or taken into consideration.

  • Listen mindfully.
    Although he does not understand much so far, he is listening very attentive when you talk to him.

  • Insist in your right to be respected by others.
    When he is ignored for a longer while he is rising his voice and complains about the fact that he is not taken into consideration. When you respect others and take them into consideration it is your right also to be taken into consideration and that others respect also your needs.

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