Analysis and therapy

Whenever I face a new project or a new environment I usually do a lot of analysis, investigation and exploration. This is of course not a bad idea - I mentioned the importance of analysis in several other posts already.

Lately my father was in hospital and they did a lot of exams. But from a particular doctor I learned that a particular test/analysis/exam only makes sense in two circumstances:
  • When there is a therapy indicated on a positive or negative result.
  • When there is scientific interest in knowing that detailed information.

This is a good rule to avoid exaggeration of analysis.

And you can widen this idea in the way that it does not make sense thinking of something if there is no consequence whatever the result is. Keeping this in mind frees you from a lot of "spam thoughts" and reduces your "information overflow".

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Scoundrel days

I am not sure if it is because of the economic crisis but I see more and more people concentrating on their own benefit and on there own profit. And this although current knowledge status is that we should try to find win-win solutions and the only long-term way into a better future is to collaborate and pull together on the same strings.

We should know that we are all connected, dependent from each other and in whatever way we contribute to the world it will have effect on the others and come back to us.

Despite these facts a lot of people get more self-concentrated and try to rip others off and exploit existing resources (preferable the resources of others).

Not having a solution for this in general the only tip I can give you is: Take these times as opportunity to find out who really is friend with you? Who are those who love you?

See...as our lives are in the making
We believe through their lies and the hating
That love goes free through
scoundrel days. (A-HA, Scoundrel Days)

Appreciate those who are really your friends and maybe spend some more time with them instead of allowing others to exploit your resources.

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Fool me once...

Lately I heard a phrase the first time that fits very well to the core purpose of my blog:
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
This means basically, that you should learn immediately to not tap into the same trap a second time.

A core message of my blog is that the first time something happens can be an accident, the second time you should start searching for the patterns to solve the problem and with the third time the problem could already be solved.

Everybody tells that making mistakes is normal. At least you should learn from it. - There are things you should learn immediately and there are things that need another happening to get the lesson. And other cases are "well documented" - so you should never suffer of those - learning from others that already failed.

Learning the life's lessons is essential. Whatever you experience, you should use it to improve your habits. Do not just try to improve, but dedicate a part of your time to learning from your experiences.

As quoted on the Positivity Blog in "Yoda's Top 3 Word of Wisdom": Do or do not... there is no try.

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Create consensus

I was in the train on the way home. A girl was sitting in some distance (the train was quite empty). She was reading "How to Win Friends and Influence People".

She has put her legs on the seat in front of her and she was wearing
earphones. She either didn't look up and around once in a while and had her hair falling over her eyes. I did not read that book but I wonder if this is the right way to make friends? - Well, maybe this is exactly the reason why she reads that book. ;-)

However, it reminds me to a meeting last week where I noticed statements aimed at totally different goals.

My conclusion of such experiences is: Many people do not notice how contrary their own talking, their goals, their behavior - yes, their complete character is.

How can we find consense in this world when either a single person can't find consense?

I understand that it is difficult sometimes to find a homogeneous style of living in modern times, but we should watch our most obvious visible contradictions in our behavior.

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