Unattended mode

While proceeding with your life plans or projects or "simply" building up your personal environment you are establishing services and systems that assist you in being more productive and/or focusing on what you like to do most.

While creating this environment you move your focus from one service or "feature" to another.

So what we do is usually that we pay attention to a thing only during the period when it is created - "installed". Afterwards we tend to consider the thingy to be working. In some cases we remember more or less continuously to check or do some maintenance work.

I am not talking only about technical equipment and infrastructure like heating, light, your PC and all your other devices and gadgets, I am also talking about non-material topics like friendships, partnerships, education of children, inner peace and so on.

Not only when we have finished installing some technical stuff, but also when we have taken decisions or established relationships, we tend to leave it in unattended mode and we forget about the "maintenance work" that is necessary in the long run to keep everything "up and running".

Remember your "civilization goodies" in the way that you pay attention to them once in a while to do a little maintenance work, adjust things a little or "simply" - show a little respect. And pay attention not to commit for too many things!

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