Information and experience

Today I read two different newspapers in the morning. One mentioned that prices rise and the other said that they fall. I am already used to hear one day that economy gets better and the other day that it gets worse but reading two opposite news at the same day is an extreme that let me think of the quality of messages and articles in the news in general.

Thinking of the last months or especially yet before christmas I would say that (here in Austria)
  • some things (especially food) got more expensive in the last months,
  • electric devices got cheaper,
  • mobile phones got again cheaper, also the charges but they tend to urge you to make contracts for the next two years instead of one as in the past (maybe they expect prices to fall within the next two years),
  • Services got more expensive,
so far my impression.

And here is the difference between information and experience. Especially general statements, predictions, conclusions and assumptions have a good chance to be wrong.

So always have a higher trust in your personal opinion than in outside information when it comes to act.

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