About drugs

In the last days there were a lot of articles in the news talking about doping or about the tremendous drug usage all over the world.
I did not talk about drugs so far because it is so natural for me to not even think of drugs. Other happens to the drug user: Often he/she can't think of anything else than the next dose.
Why do people start with that? I can't believe that most new users try it just for fun. The more I think of it the more I get to the conclusion that it must be stress, pressure, fear and similar reasons that drive people to do that.
I don't want to talk a lot about the huge amount of disadvantages, I prefer pointing out just one fact: Using drugs is making dept. You gain a short boost and later you pay for it. For a little too much in alcohol you pay with a headache on the next day, for "real" drugs the price is much higher (also - but not only - from the financial point of view.
In reality there are a lot of possibilities in making dept from the health point of view - smoking, eating junk food, too few movement, working too much or lack of sleep and so on. - But I think the rule applies that the harder the drug, the higher the dept.
As it applies for your financial situation, it also applies for your health: Don't make dept!
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