Crash course

The problem: The crash
There are many types of crash and many things, systems and organizations that can crash. The current financial crisis is one example and the one that got me to write a post about crashes. Then yesterday I read in the news that one of the main politicians in our country had a deadly crash with his car - another good example of a crash because it is the car that crashed, a person that "crashed" and a crash for a party.

A main thing that comes with a crash is disillusion. Things you got used to are not applicable any more. People you counted on are not reliable any more.

Putting the critical eye on a lot of systems creates a doubt that they are on crash course. Viewing things unemotional we could see that a lot is running on risks.

The reason: Optimism and ignorance
People are often hardliners in optimism and ignorant - they have unbroken positive expectations. Or on the other hand many people are full of fear that they frighten to look at the bare facts. They are running high risks hoping that everything will run fine. Often when I do tell people about possible problems and risks I get told: "Oh, we will solve them somehow if problems arrive". - This is optimistic procrastination.

The solution: Take the secure way
  • Don't run on your limits!
  • Keep the safety distance.
  • Early intervention - fix things when still is time - don't wait to long.
  • The opportunity of high gains mostly include the opportunity of big losses. Don't bet on the uncertain outcome.
  • Watch out and don't drive to fast!
  • Deliver and search for quality.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Don't take anything for granted.
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