Time optimization

Two weeks ago we changed to our new apartment definitely and now the daily morning and evening routine for changes slightly - not completely, but enough to encounter some "problems".

For example I did not know the exact times when the train passes and how much time the walk to the station exactly takes. Although the train passes every 10 or 15 minutes, when leaving home it can make a great difference because in 10 minutes I can even change the diaper of our baby. Waiting for the train memorizing the times when it passes I noticed that my clock is not in sync with the train clock. That leaded to further recalculation of my time when I have to leave home.

I either noticed that my alarm clock either wasn't in sync - neither with my wrist clock nor with the train clock.

No everything is in sync and the morning routine is less stressy because when using several clocks for reference you might find some time "lost" suddenly and in reality it is due to an out-of-sync clock.

So my tip: Just use ONE reference clock or bring those you use in sync!

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