Impacts increase with procrastination

Yesterday evening our baby did some big job in digestion and the issue which at first seemed to be small then escalated. The steps and appropriate were:
  1. First notice
    Reaction: "The problem is too small yet to deal with. There will come more in the next few minutes and then we will deal with it."
  2. Forget
    Reaction: Dealing with other things in the household we forgot about the issue for more than a few minutes - just for "some" time.
  3. Fear - most dangerous step beginning real big and fatal procrastination!
    Reaction: The odor was already well developed and the resistance increased opening the diaper.
  4. State of emergency
    Reaction: Dealing with the issue which grew up now in a frantic pace.
There was already small impact to the clothing. Changing the diaper and putting new clothes took far longer than changing a half full diaper twice.

What to learn:
  • When is the best time to take action on an issue?
    When you think of it the first time.
    This is something my father told me he got taught when going for the sailing patent.
  • If you do not take action of an issue it is likely to grow up to a bigger one and the (negative) impact of an issue increases as the time goes by.
  • You will tend to procrastinate more as the issue is growing and you begin to develop fear.

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