Humor heals

The problem: You feel stressed by others (or even yourself).
Situations that cause stress to me are usually when others get in trouble and then put some of their pains at me to help them get out of their hell. This can be in form of unplanned additional tasks for me or in listening to long complains or lamentations about their problems (without searching for a solution). Or it can even be that they are criticizing me because they are angry. And so I suddenly find myself under stress without either knowing how it happened.

The reason: It is part of my mission to help improving the world - and maybe you have similar goals in your life. And as I take my work and goals for serious I take problems for serious - in general.

The solution: Not taking life and problems too serious.
We should distinguish real emergency from other problems. And regarding the "other" problems we should again distinguish between our own problems and the ones of others.

And the most important thing: You are working on your life and improving yourself preventing from problems in the future. You are not responsible for the problems that other people created on themselves ignoring their life's lessons. "Imagine, it's your own fault" is an important sentence for me. But I should add something: "...if you have a problem".

But anyway you have to deal with the suffering person in front of you. And the best medicine to take out the stress, pressure ad hoc is humor! - Exaggerate and make a joke. This reduces stress level immediately.

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