Management By Customer

Lately I am involved into a lot completely different businesses while in the move to our new apartment. From discussions with the building enterprise to buying furniture and organizing the conveyance I made a particular experience: Lacks in analysis, organization and management.

In a lot of cases it was necessary that we think of possible problems, locate bottlenecks and ask for solutions or precautions. Nearly every issue needs reminders set by us otherwise people forget about our issues. Unfortunately in a lot of cases it was/is needed that we organize and sometimes to make pressure to get served.

So my impression is that a new management-by technique is going to develop: Management by customer.

Thinking about this I notice that not only managers need management and organization qualifications - no - every secretary, every accounting clerk, even every assembler needs management qualifications.

On the other hand I do notice that companies do invest more money in making their office workflows so easy that even a trained ape can do it. This noticeable reduces the service quality and flexibility of the employees and accordingly affects a complete company.

Why not investing money in the qualification of the employees?

The reason is simple: Employees can leave the company and the investment of the company is lost. A simple workflow remains in the company and a trained ape is working for a banana. Companies invest much money for education of employees only where the knowledge isn't really useful when working for another company. But it can either be possible that companies do not see the importance of management and life hacking knowledge for all of their employees.

So education and training to increase common qualities is or particular knowledge that can be used in a wide area of different businesses is possible only learned if you are doing it on your own. So don't wait until somebody gets you into a course - do it yourself!

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