Guarantees and responsibility

Yesterday evening I watched a TV discussion about the crisis in Greece and regarding the Euro currency.

I was really wondering how they can talk about guarantees given on financial dept with amounts like billions of Euros when in reality the countries do not have that money. It is impossible that the whole European Union has that amount of money. If the EU or single countries would have such amounts of money, it would mean that they robbed the people living there or that they robbed other countries.

Or could it be, that they have a guilty conscience because they robbed the poorer countries in the past?

However, it seems that nearly every european country has big depts. While being in big dept, giving guarantees in huge amounts of money to me seems extremely weird.

When I remember the last company affairs that were in the news, appropriate responsibility often was just that the just managers stepped back. Or look at the oil leak at Gulf of Mexico. I can hardly believe that anybody really can take the responsibility (if somebody really would). People try to attach amounts of money to such damage, but I think that nobody in the world can really repair what happens there.

In the same way I have problems with the imagination that years and years of misgovernment and maladministration can be repaired by giving guarantees of fantastic amounts of money.

The irresponsible behavior of people must be stopped and prevented in its roots! The huge collateral damage can't be healed years after.

That would prevent from huge damage in the future but still does not repair the pile of broken glass we already sit on.

What I learned from the TV show yesterday is that I have to analyze carefully, if somebody gives me a guarantee on anything.

Nowadays guarantees are given so fast and easy, sometimes it looks like bare fraud.

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Walter said...

I only see guarantees with specifics and it cannot cover any holes that may come as a consequence. It's a huge mistake to assure something by mere guarantees. I would take this to be very doubtful. :-)